About the Eline Snel method

Core programme of “Mindfulness Matters”

The Eline Snel method is an evidence-based programme developed by Eline Snel, based on the mindfulness training for adults by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This method is developed for children aged between 5 and 18. During the training, children learn to calm their attention, to stabilise, focus and shift. They learn to observe their inner world without immediately judging or reacting to it. They learn to deal with calm and turmoil at the moments these present themselves. Acknowledging ‘troublesome thoughts and feelings’ without burying them away, but by simply giving them some attention.

And above all: they learn to be kind, to themselves and to others.

An ‘unstressed” mind is better able to learn. Multiple brain studies in adults and children show that mindfulness promotes and strenghtens the development of the prefrontal cortex.

How do the children learn to be mindful?

The children learn to be mindful by paying attention to the breath, playing memory games, drawing, doing yoga and a lot of other fun things.

What courses are available?

- The Eline Snel method forms the basis of an eight-week training course for children aged between 5 and 12. The training is given on a fixed day and time, 45 min per week. In schools it’s half an hour per week. On the other days of the week, ‘ten-minute lessons” take place for elaboration and repetition. The main teacher gives these “ten-minute lessons” throughout the whole year.

- There is also a ten-week training for adolescents aged between 12 and 18. This training takes 90 minutes per week and can be offered as an after-school training, with an open enrollment of students.

- There are 4 different handbooks for the different age ranges.

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